& Regulations

House Rules
@The Wedge Shopping Centre

  1. Right of admission to the centre reserved.
  2. No dogs allowed at the centre except if being carried or on a leash.
  3. No firearms allowed at the centre.
  4. No hawkers, vagrants, loiterers, informal traders or stalls allowed on the premises.
  5. No placing or handing out of pamphlets at the centre.
  6. No drinking of alcohol or group demonstrations allowed on the premises.
  7. No driving lessons or washing of vehicles allowed in the car park or any other part of the centre.
  8. No skate boarding or roller-skating allowed in the car park or common areas of the centre.
  9. No tampering with the plants or gardens and no dumping of rubbish on the premises.
  10. No picnicking, lunching or sleeping at the gardens on the premises.
  11. No mechanical work to be carried out on the premises.
  12. No vehicles to be left overnight in the car park without permission from the landlord.
  13. No selling of raffle or charity tickets without permission from the landlord.
  14. No handwritten notices allowed on tenants' windows.
  15. No loud music allowed in the centre or car park.
  16. No political posters or canvassing allowed on the premises.
  17. No activity of any kind that will jeopardise the safety of the centre, its tenants and staff in any way.
  18. No anti-social behavior on the premises.
  19. No tampering with any security or fire-fighting equipment on the premises.
  20. Anyone caught shoplifting on the premises will be banned from the centre.
  21. Centre Management has the right to ban or unban anyone who has committed an offence.
  22. No smoking allowed inside the shops, offices or public facilities.